Buying A Used Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is one of the best known, most reliable cars money can buy, which is why it makes such a great used car. A perennial best-seller year after year, the Camry may not offer the flash and performance of some other family sedans, but it is consistent in its ability to provide a comfortable cabin, miserly fuel consumption, and the ability to travel long distances with minimal problems. Over the years, you will discover variations on a theme, with some Camry generations offering coupes, wagons, hybrids, and even a convertible.

What Makes Toyota Camry So Reliable?

Toyota Camry is a top seller among the mid-size sedans, which is the perfect vehicle for family transportation on a daily basis. It is so well loved because the Camry offers everything that buyers in this segment need: roomy cabin, fuel economy, smooth and consistent performance on the road and comfortable ride experience.

Used Camry Average Prices

Due to its high popularity and value keeping used, Camry prices do not plummet as much compared to its peers. As such, you can expect a higher price than other Sedans of its class. However, due to the low depreciation rate, the residue value is much higher, which is value for your money.

We sampled listings from used car sites from 2015-2020. Below are the figures from these listings. We also compared book value to improve the accuracy of the estimates. However, keep in mind the figures are for general guidance, as the actual prices of cars depend on vehicle condition, features, mileage, and location.

A Toyota Camry Is Always Reliable

When you bought a car in the olden days, it would last for a decade or even more than that! However, in today's age, automobile companies create vehicles that last less than before.

But, with a Toyota, there is no need to worry about this as they are built to last many, many years. Toyota Camry is a popular choice as it is highly reliable – even as a used vehicle purchase.

Regular maintenance and proper inspection can also extend the life of this vehicle.

How Much Should A Used Toyota Camry Cost?

You never want to over-pay for a used car, right? To make sure the price is right, take a few things into account. First, the age of the car. You might think this means the age of cars in years, but what really ages a car is miles. Take note of the mileage on any car you are interested in. The more miles a car has seen, the less it should cost.

Consider the model year of the car and trim level together, because they are the biggest determiners of what features the car should have. For example, a top trim Camry from 1998 won’t have a stock radio with Bluetooth® connectivity, but a low trim Camry from 2019 probably will. Exact prices are usually negotiated between you and the seller, but make sure you don’t pay XSE prices for an LE trim, or 2008 prices for a 2018 model! Visit Phil Meador and get great prices on all Toyota Camry models!